• It`s about time for a clear direction!

     Es wird Zeit für eine klare Richtung!





  • Time is short!



     Make yourselves at home, however, please only if a suitable Consideration occurs in the Matter and Commission!

    Machen Sie es sich bequem, aber bitte nur, wenn eine entsprechende Gegenleistung in der Sache und im Auftrag erfolgen wird!

  • the world-cultural-shock

The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2023

The World-Cultural-Shock


The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2023

Inquiry of Travelling

Herzlich  Willkommen! &  Most  Welcome!

Time is running out, as it  becomes clearer every day!

Free English translation. The german-language document you may find here!

As well as it becomes more and more clearly recognizable, there is not to lose any more a lot; one just can win.

However, there is a lot to do!

Desired and preferential Qualities of the Travellers are for Example:

To have the markings of diligence and interest in the matter and commission, inventiveness and intrepidity, flexibility and to be able to exercise modesty, if possibly to master at least one foreign language and the control in High-tech (mobile phone / laptop etc.), however, that is any condition!

Cheerfully do the job and as possible keep cool and collected ......... be looking for contact to have to desultory conservation ............ let arise any importunity and to be able to turn oneself off.

Taking care of distraction and rest and order one`s thoughts again anew. A diary could be kept or keywords note down......... etc. and so forth.

Mismanagement to be able to recognise and to note down or document, without the locals could be thereby endangered.

Improvement suggestions to the already given bases (abstract in Internet) of the world-cultural-heritage work out and hand over or send a planning or idea for the implementation of the restructuring in writing to the respectively responsible embassies.

Stand by the population on site, if unforeseen events take place, like sudden disappearance from a crowd, what can be happen highly probably and cannot to be avoided!

Take care for the rest and minister to your neighbour, possibly keep "cool" and be waiting for a moment, then to do display an unobtrusive behaviour ......... and go one`s way!

Possibly do not talk about such colossal events and if possibly prepare the Muslim population accordingly; afterwards let be distracted by other people or by the nice things of the life!

Nobody is of the other one a Judge, a Nurse or a Psychiatrist!

The World-Cultural-Shock


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